The Houseplantarama Co. story begins in December 2018. Firlie + I (Raegan) were about to spend our first Christmas together off on a road trip 🚗. Despite not having been together all that long, I knew a couple of things about Firlie. She loves a good white slogan tee + she looooves indoor plants! Given that we were going to be travelling for three weeks over Christmas, my plan to nail my first Christmas gift to her with a new plant was out of the question. So, in a story that is remarkably predictable, I starting searching online for a white tee with a witty plant meme on it. (Not yet a houseplant convert myself, I figured she had plenty of the real thing anyway… oh how wrong I was! 🙈🙊)⁠
Well, it turns out I couldn’t find anything along those lines. Instead I bought her a monstera before we left, took a photo of it, + showed this to her as part of her present (#browniepoints). This was my very first house plant experience.⁠
It turns out that monstera’s don’t really like being left home alone in the dark for three weeks. Fortunately, I’d given her other things too because by the time we got home, said monstera was unsalvageable. 😓😢💔❌⁠
Fast forward to late one night in April 2019…Firlie + I had moved in together, I’d inherited a small plant jungle + despite being banned from any plant care after the monstera incident above, I was learning lots + falling in love with our plant babies.⁠
That night we had a series of (let’s call them) ‘miraculous’ thoughts which, in the space of a few minutes, led to the birth of Houseplantarama Co - slogans dedicated to plant lovers, on delicious white cotton tees!⁠
Before the night was out, we had registered the business, bought the domain name, brainstormed almost all of the designs we have today, + found one of the most ethical manufacturing companies in Australia to partner with.⁠ (It helps that F is a web designer by day)⁠
Our mission was, + always will be, to design + produce simple, classic, high quality wardrobe staples with conscience. So join us, as we wear our love for house plants loud + proud.⁠


Gorgeous, exceptional quality threads with conscience, our apparel is uniquely hand printed with love in sunny Brisbane.

Wear your love for house plants loud and proud, and don’t forget to post on social media with the hashtag #houseplantarama so we can connect with you!

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